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All of our programs are based on the shareware concept.  That means that they are free to try out. You can download a copy and take all the time you need to evaluate the program . . .

AnyOrder A shareware program for small internet or mail order businesses--or any
business that needs to process orders received by web, phone, mail or email. 

AnyBook Small Publisher's Business Kit.  Designed for small and medium book publishers, AnyBook manages all aspects of your business.

AnyPO Purchase Order Software.  Industry standard software for creating purchase orders, requisitions and tracking orders.


Other Software Programs ...


AnyCard Inexpensive Credit Card Processing Software

RaceAid Freeware for Athletic Racing Events.  This is a free program for clubs, organizations and non-profit groups. It's designed to support such events as fun runs, triathlons, duathlons, marathons, cycle races, cross-country races, and other events.


Why are we different?


Besides creating innovative software, we are well known for our support program (which has also received awards). You won't be pawned off to a call center overseas or have to talk to someone that barely speaks English. You don't have to worry about wading through a phone system menu or dealing with a computerized voice system. And . . . you don't have to take your valuable time filling out on-line forms. You'll be able to talk with real people who really care about you.




Great Rift Great Rift Software

ServiceInnovation, Excellence, Service





Links: We promised a link to the website of our good friend Chimera Firecaster who has a store in Second Life and who uses our software.  Here you go Chimera: Chimera's Website & Blog.   Best of luck with your business.


More Links:  Idaho State University Outdoor Studies.  If you - or if you know of someone - who is interested in the outdoors and who is looking at potential colleges, you’ll want to check out Idaho State.  Idaho State has a great major in outdoor education.  Or even if you not interested in majoring in Outdoor Education, it's a wonderful place to get a good education and enjoy the outdoors at the same time.


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