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Great Rift Great Rift Software

ServiceInnovation, Excellence, Service

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We are always happy to provide assistance, and we invite your questions, comments and inquiries.  You may reach us through one or more of the following methods . . .


Drop a line to:

Snail Mail

Our business address is  1135 East Bonneville, Pocatello, ID 83201.


Phone:  208-232-6857 (US)



Why are we different?


Besides creating innovative software, we are well known for our support program (which has also received awards). You won't be pawned off to a call center overseas or have to talk to someone that barely speaks English. You don't have to worry about wading through a phone system menu or dealing with a computerized voice system. And . . . you don't have to take your valuable time filling out on-line forms. You'll be able to talk with real people who really care about you.




Great Rift Great Rift Software      ServiceInnovation, Excellence, Service


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